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4 Tips for Content Syndication on Social Media

Backlinks can improve a website’s SEO, but earning the quality backlinks that matter takes work. The most accessible way to earn backlinks is through content syndication via social media.

According to Search Engine Journal, “Content syndication is when third-party sites republish content that originally appeared elsewhere, such as your company’s blog.”

Not only does this put content in front of your audience and followers, it also enriches your social media with engaging content that your business can boast. Based on “What You Need to Know About the Social Media Algorithms in 2019” and “The SEO Recommendations that Matter the Most,” here are the steps to begin your backlink-earning journey.

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Create high-quality content

Whether that is a great educational video or a helpful how-to guide, the first step in content syndication is content. Find out what makes a good piece of content.

Create Complimentary Content

Did you create a killer video? Write an article on the same topic to go along with the video. Did you write an article? Maybe that is the next topic for your video series. Having multiple complimentary elements on your page will improve SEO in other ways, but also show that your content is a valuable reference for other professionals in your field.

Pair native content with links

As you probably remember from our social media algorithms webinar, native content takes precedence over linked content. Make sure your Tweet with a link also has a video, gif or image to go with it so people engage with multiple elements. This boosts engagement and therefore spreads the post to more interested viewers. Media views are considered in certain social platforms’ engagement analytics. So even if a handful of people click or like a post, views can be counted towards placing the content higher.

Stay on top of trends

Keep your content fresh and share the most relevant content when that topic is trending. Twitter’s hashtag sidebar will fill you in on what people are talking about. Instagram gives users the ability to follow hashtags to stay up to date with trends. Is everyone talking about B2B partnerships? Check the links and information in your favorite B2B web content, update if necessary, and share share share!

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