4 Tips for Writing a Killer Opening Email

Sending an opening email to a potential B2B customer offers you the chance to make a good impression and start a conversation with a new lead. Getting a new client to read your email, however, can be a challenge. Many of your potential leads are already buried in sales emails, and the first impulse for many buyers is to simply ignore or delete messages from unfamiliar senders. However, if you’re persistent and craft your emails well, you can improve your email conversion rate and steadily build your customer base.

Consider the Subject Line 
The subject line of your email is the first part of your message that your contact will see; if it’s not constructed well, it will be the only thing that they see. An uninteresting subject line filled with tired clichés and generic wording won’t lift your email above the dozens of similar B2B emails that each buyer likely receives each day. Spend time thinking about the problem that your products will hopefully solve for your business contacts. Craft your subject line so that this pain point is front and center, with the tantalizing promise of a solution contained within the meat of your email.

Communicate the Reason for the Email 
If you want to encourage someone to buy your products, you need to make it clear why your contact should want to read your email. Communicate the problem that you expect your ideal customer to suffer from, and briefly explain how your company can solve that problem for your contact. If there are any other factors that can add urgency to your communication, such as a sale or a new product, include that information in your email as well. Don’t waste much time on elaborate introductions; your customers won’t care who you are unless you can provide value to their businesses.

Motivate Your Contact to Take Action 
Encouraging someone to read your email is a good start, but your main goal should be to inspire them to take action towards a buying decision by the time they finish reading your email. Closing your email with a powerful call to action can help convert contacts into sales. These brief sentences should offer specifics and urgency. For example, advertising a limited-time promotion with a firm ending date can motivate contacts to become buyers.

Keep it Simple and Readable 
A long email filled with run-on sentences, superlative adjectives, and poor formatting won’t leave a positive impression. Make use of line breaks and headers to help the reader scan your email. Use simple conversational words to connect with potential customers, and avoid using buzzwords or jargon as much as possible. Don’t forget to spend some of your time editing your emails before sending them; simple grammatical errors make your email look unprofessional.

Achieving results from your opening emails start with formulating a message that is worth the reader’s time. If you offer something of value through a concise and brief message, you’ll be more likely to see returns on your own time investment.

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