About LSC Digital

Founded in 1979, LSC – and later LSC Digital in 2007 – is an industry leader in the direct response vertical and has dedicated itself to providing its customer base with an ongoing array of high quality marketing services.

Our focus has always been to support our loyal customers with the tools and services they need to retain and acquire new customers. Supporting them in how best they invest their sales and marketing budgets is a key ingredient to our success with the ultimate goal of helping them grow their businesses.

Staying relevant and being committed to ongoing customer service is essential. That’s why we continue to invest in our business to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace and we recognize that our customers rely on us heavily for these services and strategic support so they can stay relevant and competitive.

Our Mission

At LSC Digital, our mission is to help shape each client’s digital transformation. Through our strong partnerships and thought leadership, we can offer access to the most precise analytical tools, to dynamic campaign management tools and to the most accurate data products in the industry.

We are very active in the industry, have been recognized as IBM’s Digital Agency of the Year, and we offer our client-partners insight into ongoing trends and how to best implement the newest technologies.

Data and data management sits at the core of what we do and by continuously leveraging new technologies and building a highly dedicated and experienced team it has allowed us to provide leading edge services to successfully support both B2B AND B2C marketers on their offline and online needs.

Our Leadership

LSC Digital’s senior leadership has 20+ years of direct marketing expertise. We are experts in campaign strategy, digital analytics and data management. We work with our client-partners building custom engagement strategies that support your business goals.

More importantly, we partner with our client-partners to drive their engagement strategy. Because we work with your marketing team in ways that relieve any strains on internal marketing resources, your staff is then able to focus on delivering results an on improving your rate-of-engagement. Simply put, we handle marketing operations so you can focus on marketing and we can collectively concentrate on the outcome.

Our technology and advanced analytics offerings complement proprietary data assets and campaign platforms that can help to close the loop in an ever-expanding digital world.

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