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Acoustic Navigational and User Interface Updates

On July 15, 2019 in a highly anticipated announcement, IBM Watson Marketing revealed its new brand name. Acoustic will still utilize Watson technology, but will offer campaign automation with new and improved services updating weekly every Tuesday. The open platform will also allow marketers to integrate other tools into the platform. So far, the first few changes to the program include minor user interface updates. For example, the new navigational sidebar on the left side of the workspace has new drop down menu items. Watch the video below for a tour of the new user interface.

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Key Changes

  • The navigation bar no longer expands when the cursor hovers over. Click the navigation bar to expand.
  • The reporting tab has a new expandable menu for classic reports. The classic reports tab will have the single mailing, multiple mailing and single reports center tabs.
  • The data tab now shows tabs for databases and queries instead of an overall manage tab.
  • Stored files are under the content tab along with the asset library.
  • Click the blue box in the upper left hand corner to remove the menu. Click the box again for the sidebar to reappear.

Acoustic’s name hints at the new direction the brand is taking. The age of AI has distracted marketers from the individual approach. Acoustic’s goal is to bring back the human approach to automation. Therefore, users can expect more control over lists and sending.

Want to learn more about Acoustic? Check out our tutorials to get started with your email campaign.

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