Are Outbound Links Important for SEO?

Are Outbound Links Important for SEO?

July 31, 2019 Insights Search Engine Optimization 0

We covered the importance of interlinks and backlinks, but what about outbound links? Do they hold the same weight in regards to SEO? According to an article on Search Engine Journal, Google’s John Mueller avoided addressing whether they help or hurt SEO.

Before Google was leading the search engine pack, SEO algorithms used outbound links to generate a “hub score.” This originated the idea that these links help improve a site’s SEO. Just like backlinks, outbound links hold more power if they are from highly reputable websites. According to John Mueller, outbound links make for a better user experience. The links provide context and more information to readers who might want to know more about a topic or read another reference.

Why Are Links Important?

Links are one of the three main factors that Google uses to determine SEO ranking. According to the webinar “The SEO Recommendations that Matter the Most,” outbound links not only provide information for your reader, but also show that you’re a trusted source. A link to a reputable site shows that you did research and can cite the source.

Linking shows that your content has depth. We all know that content is king, but well-researched, strong content has a higher ranking. By linking to reputable websites, this shows that your content is in-depth and valuable.

Lastly, an outbound link improves the user experience. Google can detect honest content from self-serving, keyword-driven content. Nowadays, it’s worth it to create authentic content. This means that user experience is taken into consideration. While interlinks improve the user experience, outbound links do too. Valuable links show that you are creating content that will enrich the reader’s understanding of a topic. This audience-driven attitude help Google identify your site as a reputable resource.

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