Using Twitter for Business

Are you Using Twitter for Business?

According to an article on Hub Spot, 80% of all Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet. If your business is new to using Twitter, here are some tips to keep in mind from LSC Digital’s “What You Need to Know About the Social Media Algorithms in 2019” webinar.

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Understand Your Audience

Who follows your account? Who SHOULD follow your account? Keep content relevant using sources like Twitter Analytics to stay on top of what followers are Tweeting about. Pay attention to where your audience is from to Tweet at the optimal time and use hashtags to join a larger conversation. For example, LSC Digital’s audience is primarily from New York and California and they love dogs so it would be beneficial to Tweet later in the day (EST) and include a GIF of a cute puppy.

Publish Native Video

All social platforms prefer native content, which means uploading videos, photos and gifs directly into Twitter instead of linking elsewhere. Make a note of this when editing video content as Twitter has a strict two-minute and twenty second length limitation. Of course, using the native video allows you to link to a longer video as well. Give your audience a taste and allow them to find more easily.

Use the 240 Characters

Now, of course don’t just Tweet lengthy, useless Tweets, but use the elongated Tweet length to your advantage. Twitter considers time users spend reading a Tweet when determining engagement. If your Tweets are text rich with important information, more users will spend the time to read the whole Tweet and generate more engagement even if the interaction does not result in a like or retweet.

Get more Twitter for business insights from Vice President of Digital Marketing, David Clemen, and catch up on the whole webinar by visiting our YouTube channel.

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