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Best of 2019 – According to LSC Digital

The end of the decade: 2019 was a big year for marketers. The LSC Digital team took notice! From Google’s vast expanse to agency best business practices, our team had a lot to think about and take in. Bob, Andrea and myself (Marcella) got together gathered our top marketing moments from 2019. Here’s what kept the team on our toes:

Google’s Fate and the Future of Facebook

If you’re unfamiliar with what happened to Google this year, we have a whole webinar about it. We weren’t the only ones making that observation: Sparktoro conducted antitrust research throughout 2019 and the EU has been investigating Google since 2010. Yikes.

With the government cracking down on Google’s activities, Bob, LSC Digital’s digital marketing specialist, wonders how big tech companies under similar scrutiny, like Facebook, will proceed with their operations.

Thinking back to AT&T’s breakup, there’s also speculation about how many platforms marketers will have to use. “Instead of using Facebook ads, Google ads and email, will businesses have to spread out efforts across five platforms to make up the difference?” Bob makes a good point. What will the future hold for Big Tech?

Migrating New Clients and New Platforms

In 2019 we brought on some fun new clients, but it’s no simple task. Andrea, LSC Digital’s senior email marketing specialist, has streamlined the migration process. “Some clients, especially those who were internally handling marketing, need some guidance regarding what information needs to be passed along,” Andrea says.

This rarely discussed topic does not only apply to incoming or outgoing clients. Migrating between email marketing platforms also requires attention to specific details. In order to uphold privacy rules, all contacts must be uploaded to the new platform. This includes opt-out contacts. You want to make sure anyone who is not on your mailing list cannot accidentally be added again. Account users and creative must also move from platform to platform. This provides new users with access without taking it away from existing users.

Optimizing Omni-channel Marketing

In my experience, learning which platform works best for different campaigns and audiences has optimized ad performance and social media scheduling time. Truly, understanding where to market is important. This helps especially when bridging a traditional campaign with a digital marketing campaign. Which client might benefit by utilizing a mailer instead of an email campaign? This is where we come in!

Since List Services and LSC Digital works with so many different clients, it’s important to approach each with a different strategy. For example, insurance clients won’t have much luck using LinkedIn to gauge interest but would be a great candidate for email marketing. Not only does the product impact the strategy, but the target audience impacts the strategy too since different generations utilize different platforms. See how List Services and LSC Digital uses omni-channel marketing for real clients.

In addition, the LSC Digital office was also buzzing about social media strategies for 2019, data management and Google algorithm updates. We’ll be watching these trends and more in 2020, what will be on your radar?

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