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Building Online Credentials for a Valuable Business Relationship

Online relationships are complicated – no, not the ones you find on Tinder. Online business relationships are complicated. Influencer B2B relationships need to go beyond a one-time engagement to become something valuable. According to Top Rank Marketing, there are three characteristics of an effective B2B influencer partnership: the fit factor, foundational trust and commitment to collaboration. Here are our tips for achieving all 3 characteristics in the digital world.

Build a careful network

On platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, it is important that your posts and content are reaching the right people. Don’t haphazardly accept connections with anyone on LinkedIn, make sure they are in a position or field relevant to your work, or exhibit relevant interests and priorities. This ensures that your message will reach the people that want to hear it, share it and someday build a relationship on it.

Be transparent

Honesty is the best policy. Cliché, we know, but think of the trustworthy qualities you like in a friend: is your business displaying those qualities online? Are your business partners transparent and honest with you? Transparency builds trust between businesses and trust is the foundation of a strong relationship.

Always Engage

Be present and involved with your business partners. Be sure you showcase collaborations and look forward to the next collaborative project. A B2B partnership, especially with an influencer, must have substance beyond social interaction. Without evident collaboration, what does each business really reap from the relationship?

At the end of the day, a strong B2B partnership needs to be authentic. Like a romantic relationship, there needs to be trust, common interests and meaningful engagement.

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