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Case Study: Where Does Data Fit in the Campaign to Sales Process?

At the end of the day, all campaigns are looking to drive some sort of conversion. Purchasing a product. Downloading an asset. After all this talk about data management and the importance of high quality data, where does this fit in your company’s cycle?

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Campaign to Sales Process

Data drives the campaign to sales process. Things like keywords, emails and IP addresses provide information as to how and where your campaign will take place. Marketers use data to segment and target specific groups. For example, you can serve display ads to individuals on a certain IP address or to companies with over 100 people. These targeted prospects are served display ads, emails and/or landing pages. The actions taken from those campaigns are used to both update the CRM and prepare the database for the next campaign and qualify leads for the sales team. Data from the sales are also integrated into the CRM and the process starts over, using the updated CRM to contribute ranked data.

Case Study

LSC Digital works with a client in the healthcare and benefits sector from data to campaign deployment. For the sake of privacy, the client’s name will be omitted.

The client started working with LSC Digital for a data acquisition in order to implement a campaign on their own and drive sales through their sales team. However, without a dedicated data management team and marketing team, we quickly took over to help with these tasks.

We started by verifying their emails and clearing the database of empty records. We sent an email campaign to those 36,900 unique contacts. The three-email series directed contacts to a landing page in hopes of getting a form fill. The sales team would handle follow-ups to those qualified leads.

We delivered 200,320 emails to those unique contacts. How? By re-sending to non-openers, sending follow-ups to those who opened and didn’t click and so on. Through these efforts, 4,560 people opened these emails. This is an over 10% engagement rate.

Based on the engagement, 359 were qualified leads that were passed to the company’s sales team. Through our lead scoring criteria, we were able to hand off highly qualified leads based on explicit, implicit and negative data. This goes beyond form fills and takes other actions into account.

Of the 359 qualified leads we passed to the sales team, 35 turned into meaningful conversations. Eight of those 35 conversations turned into opportunities resulting in $700,000 in new business.

The root of this success was a small investment in data management.

Learn more about LSC Digital’s client success. Visit the data services page or contact us at (203) 743-2600 or email to get started!

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