Closing Tips That Will Help You Achieve the Sale

Sales is a challenging industry, and no one will argue that closing the sale is often the most difficult step of all. Selling in a B2B capacity, or any other commercial format, means knowing how to close a sale definitively. These closing tips will help you achieve more deals whether they are digital, in person or over the phone.

Try an Assumptive Closing Statement 
In recent years, sales professionals have shied away from asking for a sale directly. While that may or may not be the right choice, an alternative is an assumptive closing statement. This is a statement that presumes the buyer is ready to make the purchase. For example, you might ask when delivery should be arranged, or ask when implementation should begin. If buyers are already leaning toward your products or services, this can push them over the edge and close the sale.

Counter Their Objections 
It is normal for potential buyers to voice their objections. Sometimes, a minor objection is used as the reason for an incomplete sale. Rather than accepting that objection as defeat, counter the objection. Ask for ways to eliminate the objection, and confirm that the sale could go through if the problem was addressed. If you’re able to address the problem, then the sale will likely close.

Don’t Shy Away From Professional Pressure 
In the B2B market, applying pressure to the individual can be counterproductive. Instead, aim to close the sale by applying professional pressure to the entire company. If a product you’re selling can prevent or solve a serious problem, remind the buyer of that problem. Give buyers a chance to see how choosing your products or services can save the day or make life easier for other employees. Remind buyers of the value of what you’re selling as it applies to the company as a whole.

Providing A or B Choices 
One way to close a sale is to provide the illusion of choice by offering two selections that both amount to a sale. If a prospective buyer is still not committed to making a purchase, you may be able to move them along by asking whether they are going for option A or option B. Often, this reframes the decision and encourages them to make up their mind and end the process with a sale.

Create a Tenuous Deadline 
It is normal for buyers to want to delay the decision, especially when it comes to large purchases that could impact the entire company. If you can feel someone going in that direction, create a deadline that might close the sale. For example, you could remind someone that the deal is only valid today. Or, you could state that implementation can begin sooner if the sale is completed within 24 hours.

If you want to achieve more sales, these closing tips can help. Also helpful is a data-driven campaign that can get more eyes on your business in the first place. LSC Digital can provide you with the tools you need to increase your standing online and in your industry.

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