Data Services

There are 300+ million consumers and 29.7+ million professionals in the U.S. and we are on a first name basis with most of them! LSC’s data combined with our agency prowess can give you unsurpassed reach and results.

With over thirty years of experience delivering industry contact data, list management services and media placement to industries across the country. Our expertise and the long-term partnerships we have attained assist your organization in building the customer engagement opportunities you are in search of.

Database Services: Better understand your customers and coordinate relevant one-to-one customer journeys – across every marketing channel.

Data Hygiene Services: Data hygiene is essential in the United States, where more than 35 million people – more than 11 percent of the population – move every year. Your business move at an even higher rate – closer to 20% per year

Highly Qualified Database of Decision Makers in Human Resources: Reach over 400,000 HR Managers+ at over 50,000 leading U.S. companies with the LSC Digital HR Database.