Data Hygiene Services

The more data you manage the more important the hygiene of that data. Just having a small percentage of your file being inaccurate can have huge financial costs. LSC Digital has a robust suite of data hygiene services that will maximize your ROI.

Data Hygiene Services

Consumer Data Appending: We offer the most accurate data append service that provides businesses with an understanding of consumers’ characteristics by overlaying demographic information and household lifestyle segmentations on to your database.

Business Firmographics and Contact Appending: Our dataset of over 25 million U.S. businesses and 50 million contacts provides comprehensive firmographic data on your accounts. Add important information about your key accounts to be utilized for decision making, lead scoring and optimized B2B marketing and sales efforts.

Database Hygiene Services: According to Marketing Sherpa, 2.1% of contact data goes bad every month. Not addressing this issue results in emails that are not being delivered, direct mail going to the wrong people and sales teams wasting their time and effort

Email Hygiene & Appending Services: The biggest challenge for email marketers today is the quality of their email list. To improve email deliverability we can help you reduce duplicate, invalid, dead and bogus emails.

Match email addresses to your postal list and expand the reach of your digital marketing by up to 50% with our proprietary database of unique combinations of names, addresses, and emails to help you engage consumers and businesses.

Email Delivery, Pinging & Spam-Trap Detection: Our real-time email validation tool proactively solves for email data issues in an instant. With every email you send, be certain you’re sending the right messaging to the right customers.

Remove invalid email addresses from your list using our unique email verification scrubbing system to prevent email bounces.