Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective methods for marketing your business, and it is always evolving. Email automation is a timely, personalized way to set up campaigns that will deliver relevant information directly to your target audience at the right time.

Email Marketing

Email Creation and Testing

Our in-house designers build unique, customized emails that are carefully tested and refined for optimal consumer experience. Link tracking, personalization, dynamic content and transaction emails ensure every communication is tailored to customers or prospects.

Multichannel Campaign Automation

Our marketing campaigns can integrate email, mobile, social, and Web through a visual campaign builder that leverages prospects and consumer behavior.

Deliverability Expertise

We understand that your emails have to be delivered. Period. Our email experts work with your team to establish best practices, monitor your campaigns, and configure your account to optimize email deliverability.

Lead Management

LSC works to segment and define your target audience so you are able to discover the highest quality leads. We ensure that your brand will always stay relevant by providing content that engages customers and prospects. Our behavioral data will help to establish and improve your sales and marketing alignment.

Already playing the game?

We will review your current setup, including creative, lists, deliverability, and strategy, and provide a full report and showing you how your email business can grow.
We offer a full-service email program and a self-serve platform, where marketers utilize their own in-house teams, and everything in between. Our setup process ensures a smooth transition to your new platform while providing best-in-channel guidance; we don’t just give you the keys to drive, we’ll ride shotgun and make sure you don’t get stranded on the side of the road.

Our platform offers standard features you expect from email marketing software – easy-to-use campaign setup, comprehensive list management and robust tracking and reporting. What we bring to the table is our expertise and guidance to ensure your campaigns are built well and delivered to the inbox without issue.

LSC Digital provides:

  • Creative development and assistance
  • Platform training
  • Intuitive options for campaign management
  • Full support throughout the email process
  • Automated email processes – auto-responders, welcome emails, etc.
  • Detailed reporting using platform capabilities, Return Path, and GA.
  • Email marketing consults from creative and strategy channel experts