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Dive Into Content Marketing

Do you love scrolling through YouTube for product reviews? Are you reading about the next best fashion trend? Congratulations, you already know about content marketing. This organic marketing technique is both cost effective and trustworthy. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 87% of B2B buyers find content marketing trustworthy, even more so when it comes from a third-party or influencer. There’s a misconception about content marketing: it’s too difficult. While it may take time to develop a strategy and generate lengthy content, the ROI is worth the initial investment.

Identify Your Goal

Are you an e-commerce site? Does your business build awareness about a cause? Are you trying to sell a product? Your content needs to be organic, like a fun article you would read online. Identifying your goal is the initial step towards outlining what kind of content you will be creating: from gift guides to success stories.

Decide Who Creates the Content

Whether your company can hire a dedicated content marketer, or this task falls on a select member of you marketing team, someone must devote time and energy to creating high quality marketing. According to an article on Search Engine Journal, your ideal candidate has unparalleled attention to detail and journalist-level copywriting and editing skills. Don’t forget: content marketing requires time, so make sure your candidate can dedicate ample time for developing high-level content.

Identify Your Audience

Who do you want to read your content, and eventually patronize your business? Are you facilitating a relationship with existing customers or are you trying to appeal to a wide audience? Once you identify your audience, learn to speak their language and find out where they are reading content.

Plan & Create

Outline your article, create a shot list for your YouTube video or figure out the photos you want to take. Using your goals and target audience, create content that aligns with your end result and publish it where it is most accessible to your target audience. Get creative to make your content stand out from the 80% of businesses that use content marketing.


As you read in our article, content syndication can get your content in front of a wider audience. Whether you are sharing links to your YouTube videos on Twitter, or creating accompanying articles to provide additional insights to those who want more in-depth information, content syndication is an easy way to bolster and boost your content marketing and even improve your SEO.

Abandon all hesitation about content marketing and dive right in. Looking for more tips about boosting your content? Our experts are ready to help! Call us at (203) 743-2600 or email to get started with your marketing strategy.

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