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Does Throttling Impact Deliverability?

The LSC Digital team covered email settings in a video, including Send Time Optimization and throttling. Throttling, the act of limiting the amount of emails sent per hour, is a common practice used in email marketing campaigns, but what does this do for deliverability?

Why Throttle?

Throttling is key to a process called IP warming. According to SendGrid, “IP warming is a gradual process that happens over time, with the goal of establishing a reputation as a legitimate email sender in the eyes of ISPs (Internet Service Providers).” In order for emails to appear in inboxes (and not spam folders) an email server must trust the incoming email’s IP address. When it appears that thousands of emails are sending from an IP address, email servers can become suspicious. Is the incoming content trustworthy? Is it safe? By throttling, the IP is sending out a limited amount of emails so servers don’t become overloaded and therefore don’t misplace emails. This can improve your campaign’s deliverability.

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Throttling will also help optimize clicks and opens. While the emails send to randomly selected contacts each hour, it’s a good way to increase the chances of appearing in the right inbox at the right time. However, Send Time Optimization (STO) is the tool to use to ensure that your emails get into inboxes at optimal times.

What if my IP isn’t warm?

A lack of IP warming is a slippery slope to poor deliverability, click and open rates. When emails appear in spam folders they turn into soft bounces. If enough servers consider your content spam, it results in a temporary blockage from appearing in inboxes. While a soft bounce is temporary, it could still hurt your campaign.

Throttling your emails can improve your IP’s quality. Start throttling by small amounts and gradually increase the sends per hour.

Does Throttling Impact Deliverability?

While throttling can’t guarantee that your mailing will appear in everyone’s inbox, using throttling to warm your IP will make the odds greater. A high quality IP address will increase your chances of getting your messages to your target audience.

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