Five Social Media Strategies and How to Use Them

There are simply too many tips and tricks for using social media. I mean thousands of stickers and interactive options for Instagram stories, Twitter trying to hop on the story bandwagon and Facebook live are only some of the extras offered to only some of these platforms. But what if you need a crash course in optimizing your social presence across the board? Aren’t you lucky – we have five strategies that work with the five most prominent social media platforms.

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Make the Most of Native Content

As you may know, social media plans are driven by content syndication – meaning bringing your existing web content to other platforms in hopes of gaining more traffic. But simply throwing a link to a video on Facebook won’t get the engagement that native content earns. Since social platforms want to be content sources, uploading photos and videos (even shorter clips of videos) will ensure that those platforms will prioritize your content.

On Twitter, for example, it’s beneficial to cut shorter video clips, upload those clips directly to Twitter and link the YouTube video in the Tweet. Since Twitter only allows short two minute and twenty second videos, these can be treated like “teasers” to the longer YouTube video. Though they allow longer clips, this tactic works on Facebook and LinkedIn too.

Engage with your Audience

In order to increase engagement, it’s important to engage. Likes are fine but the algorithms really value direct messages and comments. Adding your insight as a comment or showing support beyond a like not only shows the algorithm that you are an active and engaging account, but it can give your content more visibility as other accounts see your insights.

On Instagram, for example, a “like” is considered a vanity metric. What really counts are comments on other posts and direct messages (DMs) to other accounts. A photo or video with more comments will be shown on timelines more often than a photo or video with no comments but lots of likes. Social media is about starting conversations and building online communities.

Get a Video Strategy Together

Not only will YouTube enter your rotation with a consistent video strategy, but video content is only getting more popular on all social platforms. Combined with a strategy for native content, a video strategy will engage a wider audience with a more engaging medium. Video can also drive more content writing and content creation on other platforms.

Facebook, for example, prioritizes both native video content and live video content. Live videos are particularly well received due to the notifications sent to all followers, and Facebook has a track record of preferring native video content.

Focus on a Subject Area

Influencer culture shows that it doesn’t pay to be a jack of all trades on social media. Hone in on a single subject or topic and show your expertise. This will help build a more targeted audience around the subjects you know the most about.

LinkedIn’s business pages have tools that assist page managers with content. There are content suggestions to choose from based on your audience size. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter also have built in analytics with helpful information on where your audience lives, what subjects they’re most interested in and times when most of them are online.

Be Active on a Regular Basis

This is a thumbs up to your platform of choice AND your audience. Regular activity, especially at hours when your audience is most active, drives engagement and shows the algorithm that your account is real and sharing content regularly.

Being consistent with video content on YouTube shows the platform that you’re creating content regularly and have some expertise and skill that you’re interested in sharing. Posting video content every Tuesday will show YouTube that you’re on top of things, and get subscribers excited for weekly videos. Taking video content and writing an accompanying article will also provide consistent content for your website and therefore boost SEO!

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