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Fixing 5 Common Mistakes in Acoustic

Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes email marketers can slip up too. Thankfully, we found ways make sure these common mistakes are reversible. In Acoustic, we noticed that it’s easy to make certain mistakes and it’s even easier to fix them. Here are some of the most common mistakes and easy ways to fix them.

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Accidentally Unsubscribe Yourself

Did you check all the links in a test email and you notice that you no longer are receiving test emails? You might have accidentally clicked the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the very bottom. Since Acoustic is tenacious about moving unsubscribed contacts, your email is now on the suppression list. Here’s how to get your email back:

  • Go to the ‘database’ tab
  • Click the ‘suppression list’ tab
  • Search for your email
  • Click the radio button
  • Remove contact

Send a test email to yourself to make sure you are off the suppression list.

Throttle by Too Few Emails

According to IBM, “Throttling sets a maximum number of emails per hour.” Email marketers can set the desired amount of emails per hour. But what happens when your send rate is too low? Here’s how to adjust throttling after the email has been sent:

  • Go to the ‘activity reports’ tab
  • Click the ‘system activity’ tab
  • Go to the active mailings list
  • Choose your mailing
  • ‘Pause’ that mailing

Schedule a Mailing Incorrectly

As you saw in our mailing video, there are a few pages to prevent marketers from accidentally sending a mailing immediately. However, sometimes plans change. To re-schedule your mailing for a different time:

  • Go to the ‘email’ tab
  • Click the ‘emails and templates’ tab
  • Go to the scheduled list
  • Choose your mailing
  • Click ‘unschedule’
  • The email will appear back in the ‘templates’ section. Follow the steps outlined in our How to Send a Mailing tutorial to re-schedule your mailing.

You can dynamically change certain content in Acoustic after a mailing has been sent. That means that if an incorrect link found its way into your mailing or an image wasn’t updated, all is not lost!

Update a Link After a Mailing is Sent

  • Go to the ‘reports’ tab
  • Click the ‘reports (classic)’ tab
  • Work in the ‘sending’ tab to create a single mailing report for your mailing
  • Go to the dropdown menu and select ‘clickthrough’
  • Find the link you want to replace and insert the correct link

Update an Image After a Mailing is Sent

  • Go to the ’email and templates’ tab
  • Go to the scheduled mailings
  • Click on your mailing
  • Click the ‘images’ tab
  • Select the image you want to change
  • Import the correct image

As always, it’s helpful to confirm that these changes have been made in the live email.

Breathe easier now that your mistakes are fixed. Want to learn about more best practices and the latest marketing trends? Register for the next LSC Digital FREE webinar.

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