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Free Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Even when an email marketing campaign is performing well, there are always ways to improve. When campaigns begin to plateau, marketers must begin testing to see which adjustments can improve performance. Believe it or not, the tiniest changes can improve results. These tiny changes involve close attention to elements already in place in your campaign. These changes can yield higher clickthrough and open rates without spending a dime.

Use Personalization in Your Subject Line

In email campaign automation systems like Acoustic, marketers can include personalization in subject lines. A snippet of code will populate with data from the contact like first name, occupation or city. For example, a subject line could change from “Rentals in Your Area” to “Rentals in Connecticut” if a contact has Connecticut listed as his or her state.

Be Specific in the ‘From’ Field

Nobody likes an inbox full of emails from ‘info’ accounts. The interchangeable ‘from’ field allows marketers to send emails from the CEO even if the reply-to address is your brand’s info account. Seeing a name or upper level title in the ‘from’ field might indicate importance or pique interest to a contact. For example, someone might be more inclined to open an email from “Dave Clemen, VP of Digital Marketing” than “LSC Digital.” In a real example, the open rate on an email increased by 7% just by changing the ‘from’ field to a specific person’s name.

Test Out a New Layout

After a while, routine emails like newsletters can become predictable. Use A/B Testing or Multivariate Testing to see if your readers like a different format. For example, try using bullet points in your email instead of a traditional paragraph format. Keep your call to action strong and get creative. The opportunities are limitless.

Send the Mailing at a Different Time

Have you been sending your newsletter out on the same day and same time every week? Snap out of it! Test out a different time of day, or a different day altogether, to see if your open rate improves. Maybe your audience reads the newsletter on Monday afternoon instead of Wednesday morning, for example. In an example from “Test for Success,” just a 2 hour change in send time for a campaign resulted in almost a 10% increase in open rate.

Hesitant about implementing these tactics? Run a test to see if the changes result in a positive outcome. Not sure which test is right for you? We have a video about that.

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