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How does LSC Digital Use Multichannel Marketing?

On Monday, July 1, the teams at LSC Digital and List Services gathered for a presentation about Multichannel Marketing by Nicole Conte of LSC Digital. Multichannel marketing combines List Services’ traditional, direct mail tactics with LSC Digital’s online marketing tools. This creates an effective campaign across traditional and digital channels.

What is Multichannel Marketing?

Multichannel marketing is the blending of different distribution and promotional channels for the purpose of marketing. This includes direct mail, email, digital ads and social media. A multichannel marketing campaign reaches users across multiple platforms multiple times to increase the likelihood of conversion.

For example, one of List Services/LSC Digital’s clients relies on a multichannel approach to increase applications for various programs. In order to achieve this, List Services and LSC Digital distributes marketing materials several ways to increase the likelihood of someone filling out an application.

Client Example

The process begins with a list purchase including addresses and emails. We set criteria in place to indicate segments such as age and location. The team uses segmentation and suppression lists to sort through contacts and finalize the list. Next, we send a direct mailing to those identified on the final list.

Once the direct mail is on the way, we deploy a 3-part email campaign. We send a teaser email before the delivery date, a reminder that the mail was delivered and another reminder after a week or later. We syndicate the same message across different channels to appeal to as many prospects. For example, the email and direct mail uses consistent language and imagery.

In this multichannel campaign, we include a consumer facing URL in the direct mail to encourage web visits. Before the campaign is in motion, LSC Digital launches a retargeting pixel. A retargeting pixel is a snippet of code located on that landing page, to collect user data using cookies. Cookies gathers information like which websites a user visits and what topics they search. Based on user behavior and experience, we serve ads to those page visitors across other websites. In this way, the campaign follows the targeted audience from direct mail to digital ads. Additionally, we launch a Facebook pixel on the same landing page to serve ads on Facebook.

The campaign launches over the course of a full month and during that time marketing responsibilities shift from List Services, taking care of the traditional marketing elements, to LSC Digital, taking care of the digital marketing elements. Together, the marketing campaign is effective in generating conversions and reaching the most appropriate demographic.

Let LSC Digital put these best practices to work for you. Call us at (203) 743-2600 or email support@lscdigital.com to get started!

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