How to Bounce Back From Sales Rejection

In the world of B2B marketing, your success and livelihood depend on your ability to close the sale and convert leads into prospects. Keeping a positive mindset is vital but also difficult when you lose a potential client.

Some people dwell on the rejection so much that it impacts their ability to make sales in the future, and you can’t afford to make that mistake. Learning how to bounce back from rejection helps you overcome the problem and keep moving toward your goals. This guide breaks it down and shows you what steps you can take to embrace rejection and learn from every setback.

Be Realistic

The sting of rejection hits new professionals the hardest because they don’t have much perspective. Over time, many marketers become immune to rejection and don’t give it a second thought, and others feel some sting but don’t let it hold them down. The key is to be realistic and understand that rejection is part of the process. Across industries, the average conversion rate is just above 2 percent, so you can expect to earn two conversions for every 100 prospects to whom you offer your pitch. Keeping this information in mind makes your rejections feel much less personal.

Track Your Results Over Time

Tracking your results over time is a great way to bounce back from rejection and see where you can improve. You want to know what platforms are the most profitable and which ones generate the least number of conversions. As you review the data points, you might find that you earn more sales on certain days than others. You can use that information to decide what marketing outlets to which you should pay the most attention. This step might seem small but will do wonders to improve your profit and expand your reach.


Some people are content when they reduce their rejection rate and start earning enough conversions to maintain a profit. This approach holds them back and prevents them from reaching their true potential, so make sure you don’t follow in their footsteps if you care about your long-term results.

Experimenting and making small changes to your marketing material goes a long way to optimize your effectiveness. Doing so takes some time and effort but is worth it in the end, and you will know you have done the right thing when you see the difference in your bottom line.

Get Help

If you have tried everything to boost your B2B marketing effort but did not get the outcome for which you had hoped, you are not alone. Let the team at LSC Digital give you a hand and point your marketing effort in the right direction. We will review your data and learn about your needs to craft a viable marketing approach.

Using our years of experience and passion for marketing, we will give you the best possible results. Our team cares about you and your business and will do what it takes to let you succeed. Pick up your phone and give us a call if you are ready to enjoy the rewards.

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