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How to Create and Send a Mailing Using Acoustic (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation)

You have your database and you have your query, now let’s send a mailing. A mailing will contain information that you want your contacts to receive. The best mailings are mostly text and have a strong call to action such as “register here” or “sign up.”

Watch the tutorial and follow along as our digital marketing experts create and schedule a mailing. In this video, we’re sending a mailing for our next webinar:

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-First scroll to the menu on the left side of the screen and select email, new and mailing template.

-There will be helpful templates for anyone not familiar with html. We are going to choose the blank layout and copy our html into the window.

-First, give your mailing a unique name so you can easily remember it for future reference.

-There’s a box to enter a subject line. The subject line should be compelling enough to entice readers to open the email.

-The address settings will allow you to change the name that appears on the email. We’re going to type LSC Digital. The from address and reply to address will indicate who receives any emails from contacts who reply to the mailing.

-Select the contact source of your choice. We will be sending this mailing to the database we created in our first video.

-Now scroll down to the dual view screen. The screen on the left can be a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) screen or an html screen. For this mailing we’re going to copy existing html. You can also use the WYSIWYG screen to build the email using the tools in the toolbar above the screen.

-Click the source button to view the html screen. Paste in your code.

-Now click the hyperlinks tag to make sure all of your links work. If the link is broken, the box will glow red. Fix any broken links.

-Now before sending an email, it is always smart to send a test and check all the links first. Select the quick test option and type in your email. Once you receive the email, click all of the links (except the unsubscribe link) to make sure they all work and send users to the correct page.

-The program will not allow you to continue if any link is broken. If all the links look good, move on to send.

-The send screen will open and allow you to double check all the address components before sending.

-Make sure you highlight the schedule button so you don’t accidentally send it immediately, although there will be another chance to preview the details before sending.

-Select the date and time you want to send the email.

-Check the health of your email. If the health is in the green section, it is good to go.

-An overview page will show up to take one last look at all your mailing information. Make sure the subject is correct, the contact source is correct, the name and address is correct and the time to send is correct. Remember, this is the last look at all this information before the mailing goes out.

-If all the information is correct, then click send.

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Author : Marcella Micillo

Marcella is a digital marketing specialist based in Connecticut. With experience in editorial content creation and social media marketing, Marcella entered the digital media world through food writing, and has been published in The Valley Table, Edible Long Island and Edible East End. When she's not writing about the latest marketing trends for LSC Digital, she's publishing lifestyle content to her own blog. Linkedin

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