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How to Send an A/B Test in Acoustic

An A/B Test can determine which version of an email will perform the best based on metrics you outline. In LSC Digital’s “Test for Success” webinar, David Clemen, Vice President of Digital Operations, recommended A/B Testing for quick results. If your emails are not generating a ton of traffic, this method is ideal.

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Setting Up the A/B Test

Before actually sending an A/B Test, two or more versions of the same email must exist in Acoustic. For our example, we used a mailing with images and without images to see which earns more clicks. Marketers can also test emails with different subject lines, color schemes and layouts. Once you create the emails, be sure they are in an easily accessible folder, and named according to what they are testing. In our example, one is labeled “image” while the other is labeled “no image.” Read our guide on creating and sending a mailing.

Conducting the A/B Test

In Acoustic, click on the email icon and find your mailings and templates. After navigating to your selected email, follow the steps as if you are scheduling the email. Once you get to the email settings page, click “A/B Test” on the left menu.

A window will appear with the template’s details and tabs that say “A” and “B.” In the “B” tab, note that it is the exact same template. Click on the pencil icon next to the mailing name to select your second mailing. At this point, it is possible to add tabs to test up to four emails in Acoustic.

In the section marked “Step 2” you can define your send percentages, metrics, actions and send time. For our example, we want the test to send to 21% of our contact list (just under 10,000) and run for four hours. Our winning email will be determined by maximum clicks. We then want our winning email to send to the remainder of our contacts. You can also have an email with the winning mailing sent to your email in order to manually schedule the winning mailing after the test.

Multiple screens will populate with your testing information to confirm everything you outlined.

When to Use an A/B Test

In our “Test for Success” webinar, we compared A/B Tests with Multivariate Tests. While both can be used to test the effectiveness of an email campaign, the A/B Test will generate results faster. The A/B Test will also provide effective results even when traffic and engagement is low. A Multivariate Test, on the other hand, will incrementally test components of mailings to see which changes improve results. This requires a span of time as well as lots of traffic regularly.

For more testing insights check out the “Test for Success” webinar and LSC Digital’s YouTube Channel.

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