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How to Survive Featured Snippet Updates in Google

Google is updating it’s featured snippet function to understand which queries require the freshest content. According to an article by Search Engine Journal, this function will not only allow Google to better understand where rich snippets are on a website, but it will also remove featured snippet content that is outdated and irrelevant. So, how can marketers stay on top of this update?

Produce Evergreen Content

First, produce evergreen content. Evergreen content is not time sensitive. Google even noted that evergreen content does not need frequent updating. This can be tutorials, case studies and best practices to name a few. These stories are always of interest to readers. Therefore, marketers can always benefit from evergreen content because it will keep them high in search results. Looking for examples of evergreen content? Check out our email marketing automation tutorials.

Update Content Regularly

Content refreshing is nothing new. In fact, we talk about how fresh content helps marketers rank high in SEO. For example, does a report from 2018 have updated information from 2019? Updating the date as well as the data could help Google identify your content as current and relevant to search queries. Updating links and following up with the latest on a topic are other ways to keep your content top of mind.

Keep Event Content Updated

Events are time sensitive. You don’t want your event to lose coverage just because it was in the past. You also don’t want people to RSVP after the date passed. Once the event gets closer provide more details and content about said event. Then, recap the event and change the status so people know it already happen and they can catch up on the information. Want to see this practice put to work? Check out our “Test for Success” webinar recap.

Refresh your structured data and rich snippet knowledge and start putting these SEO tips to work. Ready to start your marketing journey? Call us at (203) 743-2600 or email to get started!

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