How to Tell When Customers Are Ready to Buy

Professional selling requires a thorough understanding of psychology. Although most decision makers in business-to-business environments attempt to distance themselves from basing their decisions on emotions, the reality is that feelings drive sales in most situations. To increase your close rate, you need to acquire the social intelligence necessary to recognize when customers are ready to move forward with a purchase. 

Emotional Signs 
Experienced B2B sales professionals know how to look for hints that prospects give off when they are ready to buy. A customer’s facial expression often becomes very positive when they see how your offerings can add value in their situation. Willing buyers may compliment your salesmanship and express gratitude. Once customers indicate that they appreciate being sold on your product, you should ask for the sale immediately. Strong positive emotions can motivate a customer to sign a contract with minimal hesitation. 

Confirmation Questions 
Once customers believe that they understand your offering’s benefits, they will want to confirm that you can solve their specific pain points. Eager buyers will ask you to clarify that your solution resolves problems that they are experiencing. You may also get questions about the specifics of your service, such as the names of the people who will do the work or the tools that you will use to achieve the intended results. Many customers want to understand exactly how the fulfillment process will be carried out before agreeing to make a purchase. 

Questions About the Future 
Customers who are interested in buying your offerings will want to confirm that their future relationship with your company will be positive. Buyers who appreciate what you have taught them may want to confirm that they will continue to work with you after signing the contract. The best B2B buyers may even ask about potential upsells that you can offer, such as long-term agreements or more extensive packages. You might even get questions about your firm’s production capacity. Questions about the future are a strong signal that a buyer is ready to sign a contract as long as their final conditions are met. 

Inquiries About Price 
If you have been through formal sales training, you probably learned to avoid bringing up price until the time is right. Customers who are eager to buy usually want to skip through the selling points to get straight to the bottom line. As long as your price is reasonable, customers who know what they want will often make a purchase immediately. You should listen carefully for any comment suggesting that a customer is wondering how much your services cost. Customers who see the benefits of your product or service will want to know your prices to determine whether they will get a return on investment. You should usually ask for the sale immediately after revealing the cost of your offering. 

Responding to Eager Buyers 
When you recognize that a prospect is ready to buy, you should act immediately. Salesmen who wait for a customer to announce their intention to move forward will miss out on closing the biggest accounts. Let go of your fears of directly asking a willing buyer to sign when you know that they are ready to make a purchase.

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