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Is All Data Created Equal?

The LSC Digital team hosted a webinar about data growth and management on Thursday September 19. As always, we live tweeted the webinar and made appropriate use of this GIF:

Sure, we know that not all data is created equal, but why?

What makes data bad?

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Essentially, bad data will not have sufficient information for a business to reach a prospective target. For example, a contact can be missing an entire data field leaving a business with a first name but no email address. In an email marketing or sales situation, this would prevent someone from contacting and connecting with this person.

Bad data may also be full of errors. To err is human, but if types in AL (for Alabama) instead of IL (for Illinois) then a mailing can be sent to the wrong address, or no address at all wasting time and money on postage and delivery. Phone numbers can be incorrect based on whether a contact provided an area code or not. For national and international businesses, a lack of area code could result in never reaching people farther than the county lines.

Now, in theory you could just look up information for phone numbers and addresses. However, in a data acquisition, you’re paying for complete and accurate data from the get-go. Asking the sales team to act as salespeople and researchers can waste time when calls and emails are a top priority.

Bad data can be everywhere, so how can you prevent bad data from entering your database?

How to prevent bad data

For starters, data collected via online form can require a certain complete field in a certain format. Email, for example, can be a required field on a form without which the form will not submit the information. While, sure, your prospect can give a false email, it will ensure more times than not, that the data will be complete.

Data and email hygiene are also methods to ensure the most accurate information. Merging databased, refreshing records and verifying emails can help increase deliverability and boost ROI.

As leaders in data management we have seen the best and worst of data. Luckily, we also have the tools to guarantee the highest quality data. Visit the data services page or contact us at (203) 743-2600 or email to get started!

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