Local PPC: is it for me?

PPC (pay-per-click) text ads are the gateway to further connections through online advertising. This type of ad is often a first touchpoint individuals have with a brand. The PPC campaign’s main goal is to drive traffic to the website through clicks on a text ad. Though this type of ad is most popular for beginners, there are ways to tailor PPC campaigns to your business’ needs. Let’s look at local PPC and what businesses might benefit from it. Does your business make the cut?

Who Needs It?

Local PPC is ideal for businesses looking for local traffic. For example, an electrical company looking for customers within the city, or a single location of a larger franchise. These advertisers want customers that are close enough to benefit from services at any time. Smaller businesses with smaller budgets can also benefit from PPC campaigns.

Why Do They Need It?

Say you operate a gym with a single location. You would want to set up parameters around location so your ad for your gym in Connecticut doesn’t appear for someone searching for gyms in California. Your headline and description should have information about why someone should click through to your website. Using the gym example, maybe you have an online web form for 20% off memberships. You want people to click on that form and you will only pay for clicks.

How Does It Work?

Within programs like Google Ads, advertisers can set the guidelines for what kind of people will see their ads. Create the ad according to Google’s guidelines and with a strong call to action. In Google Ads, extensions help text ads by providing more links directing people to various pages on a company’s website. With local PPC, you want to choose your audience by location and/or create a bid adjustment for individuals within a certain radius or area. Your ad is then entered in the auction and served to people that fit your criteria.

In addition, Search Engine Journal collected 10 tips to totally rock your PPC campaigns. And when in doubt, test it out. Use these tips and tips from LSC Digital’s “Test for Success” webinar to knock your search ads out of the park. Ready to put these practices to work for you? Call us at (203) 743-2600 or email to get started!

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