Phone Sales Tips and Tricks

Selling over the phone is a strategy that can get astounding results in any industry. The performance of salespeople who attempt to win sales over the phone varies widely depending on the approach that is applied. As with all selling situations, it is critical to tailor your methodology to the medium that you are using and the type of buyers that you are approaching. Learning to sell effectively over the phone can help you to boost your bottom line as an entrepreneur or as a professional salesperson. 

Qualify Prospects Before Calling 
If you pick up a phone book and start calling random businesses, you cannot expect to realize a high degree of success. Effective salespeople recognize the importance of qualifying prospects who indicate their willingness and ability to buy. Qualifying prospects is especially important in business-to-business selling situations because most offerings are only suitable for companies with specific needs. Make sure that the prospects you are planning to reach out to match the profile of the customers who have purchased from your business in the past. 

Conduct Research Before Making a Call 
Prospects are more willing to make a purchase when you can explain how the benefits of your products or services match their unique needs. When placing calls, you are less likely to get hung up on when you can explain why your offerings are capable of resolving specific problems that a prospect is experiencing. Online research can often uncover valuable nuggets of information that can help you to justify the purpose of a call from your prospect’s point of view. You can close more sales over the phone in most situations by spending a couple of minutes researching a prospect online before placing a call. 

Focus on Booking Appointments 
It is unrealistic to expect a cold prospect to make an immediate purchase over the phone. In most situations, you can improve your performance to a substantial degree by focusing on booking appointments with prospects who you contact. When businesses get to know you on a personal level, they will be more willing to trust you enough to make a purchase. It is also easier to convince a prospect to sign a contract in a private meeting. Finally, appointments give prospects enough time to research your offerings online and to identify problems that you might be able to solve. Try shifting your focus to booking appointments if you are struggling to get results over the phone. 

Set Realistic Expectations 
Salespeople often give up on calling prospects over the phone because they let unrealistic expectations influence their perceptions of success. In some industries, closing just two appointments each day can be enough to drive millions of dollars in sales per year. Additionally, learning to sell over the phone takes time and effort. If you are failing to get the results you are seeking, you should step back and evaluate your current approach. Salespeople who perceive phone prospecting as a long-term endeavor that requires continuous improvement are able to refine their approach over time to master the process of converting cold prospects into paying customers.

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