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Tips for Reaching the Millennial Market

In a study conducted by Deloitte, millennials overall have a negative opinion of businesses. Millennials get the impression that a self-serving agenda overpowers any intentions to improve society, the environment or the lives of employees. Millennials are one of three generations contributing to the current economy. Baby boomers, generation x and millennials occupy the current market. In the competitive marketing world, businesses should listen to millennial needs in order to build a lasting relationship.

Be Honest and Authentic

Unlike previous generations, millennials are more skeptical of flashy advertising. Millennials value transparency in marketing, and will engage with a more ethical, community-minded brand over another. Millennials can see right through an inauthentic message. This means it is important to keep messaging consistent and real.

Showcase The Good

Millennials are very conscious about social and environmental issues. They are more likely to make purchasing decisions based on social or environmental impact. Millennials are more driven by a product’s sourcing or a company’s working conditions instead of brand loyalty. How can businesses do this? Highlight the work your company does for charity, or showcase how your employees engage in volunteer work.

Use Social Media

Millennials live in an “always on” world and are more active on social media than other generations. Brands can build trust and interact with a millennial market in a more accessible way by using social media. Millennials also like to share experiences on social media. Shared experiences create valuable user-generated content. For example, photos and stories of online purchases and travel experiences create a two-way communication channel for brands.

The same report by Deloitte recommends that businesses take a closer look at marketing and internal social responsibility in order to make meaningful steps towards connecting with millennials.

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