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Reporting an A/B Test in Acoustic

An A/B test uses a sample of contacts to test different versions of an email to assess which one will perform better. We took the time to walk you through running an A/B test in Acoustic, but what happens after the test and winner are sent out? Reporting an A/B test.

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First, go to the envelope icon in the left side navigation bar and click on “email and templates.” Find the A/B test in the “sent” menu. Clicking either mailing generates the full report. In the top left corner, select the “A/B test Results” link.

The full overview shows data on the A version, B version and winning email. Below the basic details on the winning mailing are two overviews. The report generates completion metrics and ongoing metrics. The completion metrics contain the metrics collected during the test period. For example, our test ran for four hours and during those four hours the winning email received 2.22% unique opens and 0.08% unique clicks. The ongoing metrics contain the metrics collected during the four hour test period and beyond. Since the email can still exist beyond the testing period, contacts can still interact with it and that data will appear in the A/B report. This can sometimes show the “winning” mailing with lower click or open rates. However, Acoustic will decide the winning email only after the four hour testing period. This is an easy way to look at an overview of the A/B test report.

Retrieving Contact Information

Now this data is great for a quick report, but what about an in-depth look? To find contact information, follow the steps from our single-mailing report tutorial to generate reports for each mailing. In the single-mailing report window, you can generate reports for each version of the mailing.

Why Report?

Reporting gives email marketers insights on what their contacts prefer in an email. For instance, we learned that our contacts prefer the version of our newsletter with images as opposed to without images. Other testing options can include different subject lines, different newsletter formats or different images. LSC Digital has a wealth of information about testing on our YouTube channel. Additionally, our “Test for Success” webinar covered the different elements marketers can test within emails.

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