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Reporting on a Campaign in Acoustic

If you thought your work was over after sending your mailing, think again! After sending a mailing, email marketers need to know how it performed in order to assess the effectiveness. Did contacts respond in a way that aligns with your campaign’s goals? Did your newsletter cover topics that you audience enjoys? You can learn all of this and more through reporting. In Acoustic (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation), the reports (classic) menu holds the single mailing and multiple mailings reports, the two we use most frequently.

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Mailing report: shows metrics based on actions taken by contacts after receiving a mailing such as opens, clickthroughs, bounces, media plays, unsubscribes, conversions and more. It also indicates what database received the mailing and other database information like how many contacts were in the suppression list and seed list.

A single mailing report provides that data for one mailing while a multiple mailings report provides the data for two or more mailings that you select. A multiple mailings report is most effective for quick comparisons. This report gives an overview of multiple mailings and the chance to view each mailing’s metrics individually. A multiple mailings report is also effective for analyzing a/b testing and multivariate testing. Marketers can see which campaign performed better based on the campaign’s KPI’s and data drawn from these reports.

Reporting is the final step and one of the most important. The metrics provide insights into what in your campaign is working verses what needs improvement. Again, it also helps choose the more effective email in an A/B or multivariate test.

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