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Steps of a Raw Recipient Data Export via API

Email marketing platforms, like Acoustic Campaign, provide basic reporting data in the reports tab. However, when reporting contact data from multiple campaigns, it’s best to use a Raw Recipient API. Learn how to get contact data from your email campaigns using this step-by-step guide.

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How to Run an API

  1. Open API Harness File
  2. Select “Login” from the API dropdown
    1. Select the pod that your Org is in
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Click Submit xml request
      1. If successful True will display along with your jesessionid
      2. If unsuccessful False will display and you will need to verify your username and password
    4. Copy and paste your jsessionid into the jsessionid box
    5. Copy and paste your completed XML into the XML box
    6. Verify correct LIST_ID
      1. Hover your cursor over your desired database, query, or contact list. The List ID will appear
      2. If needed copy the List ID from Acoustic into the Raw Recipient XML field
    7. Verify the correct start and end dates for the campaign you are looking to report on
    8. Click submit xml request
      1. If successful True will display along with the Job ID number that Acoustic will attach to the request
      2. If unsuccessful False will display and there is a syntax error in the XML and you will need to go in and review your request
    9. In Acoustic Interface select Data jobs under the Data menu
    10. Select the correct Job ID that the API has assigned the description will read “Export raw recipient data”
    11. When completed you will be able to download the zip file that is created right from the Data job detail screen. You can also download this file from the Stored Files selection under the Content menu and selecting Export Files under your Private section.
    12. Enter your password in the dialogue box when prompted
    13. Open the file in the downloaded zip file
    14. Verify all the columns in your downloaded file are correct. If anomalies appear you may need to correct the column names in the original XML. If misspelled the column will be empty
    15. Process this data as necessary. The following steps will be for using a pivot table in Excel to find the unique contacts for event types
    16. Insert pivot table
    17. Filter by mailing name
    18. Select all the mailing template names that you wish to receive the data on
    19. Move the email identifier to values
    20. Double click on the number under the Count of Email to open a new sheet with all the information on the mailings you are. You can also get this information by filtering columns in the main Excel sheet.
    21. In the new sheet click on convert to range under the Design tab in Excel. This process may take a few minutes depending on the amount of data.
    22. Remove duplicates based on the Email, Event Type, and Mailing Name. This will give you one email to each event type per mailing. You can also include the URL if you wish to see all the URLs that a contact clicked through to.
      1. Duplicate values would include multiple open actions or multiple clicks on the same link
    23. Insert a new pivot table
    24. Place your desired fields into the table areas to create the correct version of the report you are looking for.
      1. In our example Mailing Name is above Event type in the Rows area and email is in the Values. This gives the breakdown of mailing name with all the event types under it and a count of the emails for each of those types.
      2. Double click on the appropriate Count of Email cell to open a new sheet with all of the contact information for all emails that matched this criteria.

This is part of our tutorials for Acoustic Campaign users. These tutorials cover everything from importing and updating a database to setting up web tracking for your database. Of course, for more email marketing insights and digital marketing tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Author : Bob Trerice

: Responsible for SEO and email deployment, Bob is a whiz at reporting and problem solving, processing requests and offering helpful insights to clients on a daily basis. Bob graduated from Clarkson University with a degree in Communications.

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