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Test for Success: Tips for Testing Emails, Display Ads and Landing Pages

If at first your messages don’t succeed, try testing. Throwing spaghetti against the wall can harm your campaign’s ROI, so the best thing to do is test multiple messages and tactics to see which ones stick before throwing them out to your audience. The extra steps involved are designed to improve results from email campaigns, paid search and display ads and landing pages. LSC Digital’s Vice President of Digital Marketing will discuss:

  • Testing Basics
  • Email Testing Ideas
  • Paid Search & Display Ad Testing Ideas
  • Landing Page Testing Ideas

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Testing Basics

The 4 Steps of Testing
  • Analyze Your Data
    • Qualitative – descriptive data that can be observed but not measured numerically. This is what you’re testing like content, copy, etc.
    • Quantitative – numerical data that can be measured. These are conversion rates, click through rates, etc.
  • Form a hypothesis – the better defined your test, the more likely it will be to have a positive impact on conversions. Hypotheses can be formed using this formula: “If [variable], then [result] because [rationale].”
  • Construct an experiment – testing elements like content, design and technology, but keeping tracking in mind to understand what is working verses what is NOT working.
  • Interpret Results – Does your test have statistical significance? You must be able to duplicate results.
A/B Testing
  • Comparing two versions of a webpage, email, ad, app, etc. against each other to determine which one performs better. The content of each must warrant the same result using different messaging or design.
  • This method is great if you need meaningful results fast.
  • Also very useful if you are not able to generate a ton of traffic.
Multivariate Testing
  • Testing multiple variables and how they interact with one another, giving more possible combinations for the user experience.
  • Subtle changes over time will test how different elements interact with one another to incrementally improve on an existing design.
  • This is not an ideal testing method for sites with low traffic. You will be testing for a long time because of this.

Paid Search & Display Ad Testing Ideas

Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • This feature inserts the most relevant keyword into your headline.
  • The code {KeyWord:XYZ} will insert the searched keyword in your title (in this example before XYZ) to match the query.
  • This is a feature in Google and Bing.
Keep Your Creative Fresh
  • Is your content compatible for various devices?
  • Don’t default to smart phones and laptops. Test results for different devices.
  • Test and see which ads perform best on which devices and focus your time and money on the higher performing combination.
  • Your ad should reflect the landing page.
  • Test imagery and colors to see what people react to. Don’t just assume your aesthetic is an effective one.
  • Test static and animated images to see which performs better.
Value Proposition
  • Change the copy of your ads to see what aspects of your product garner results from your audience.
  • Highlight different elements of your business to see which concept resonates more with your audience.

Email Testing Ideas

Subject line
From field
  • Who is the email coming from? Is it coming from the company or the CEO of the company?
  • The open rates and click rates on emails from people (not companies) are higher and the unsubscribe rate is lower. It really works!
Time of Day
  • Test a few emails at different times of day and watch deliverability and open rate.
  • 3 campaigns sent at 6am had a lower deliverability rate and lower open rate and 3 campaigns sent at 8am.
  • The best time to send an email can depend on where your target audience lives as well. If possible, use send optimization features to ensure your mailing gets to your list at the best time.
Email Body Message
  • Change the layout for different results. This can mean converting paragraphs to bullet points, making it more promotional or shortening it altogether.
  • Calls to action – subtlety is not important. Be bold with CTA text and colors.

Landing Page Testing Ideas

6 Things to Improve Conversions
  • Increase the relevancy of the page to the visitor
  • Increase the clarity of the offer
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce distractions
  • Improve the value proposition
  • Increase the urgency
Landing Page Elements You Can Trust
  • Headline – headline should match the ad the user clicked on.
  • Copy – remove unnecessary content, use bullets.
  • Call to Action – make sure it is above the fold. Test button colors.
  • Video – a video on a landing page can increase conversions as much as 80%.
  • Testimonials – creates a sense of authenticity, credibility.
  • Guarantee – reduces risk.

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