The 6 Basic Principles to Improve Landing Page Performance

Landing pages are aptly named because that’s where your target audience lands when they take a hint from a display ad or email. This means the landing page is a taste of your company’s success, and that success should encourage your new lead to take an action from that landing page and seal the deal. It’s not just the first thing a new customer might find, sometimes the landing page is the only thing your prospective lead will see. Therefore businesses should test landing pages: one run-of-the-mill element could hurt your conversion rate.

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According to WiderFunnel’s LIFT model (Landing Page Influence Function for Tests) there are six things that can help your landing page achieve liftoff:

1- Value Proposition

Highlight the best of your program, product or services above the fold so visitors know exactly why they want to follow through with your company. Find the attributes that are most relevant and don’t be scared to give your business the credit it deserves. Without clear value propositions, the following strategies cannot apply.


Your landing page should have one clear message with a clean design. Your visitor should not have to second guess what is being offered on the landing page. One strong call to action with all directives pointing to that button or link should make the visitor experience clear.

3- Relevancy

Your landing page should be specific to the visitor and make sense based on the associated ad. The visitor likely clicked on a display ad that brought them there. The information and terms presented on the landing page must by consistent with the ad.


Maybe your visitor wants your product, but can it wait? No it can’t! Apathy exists without a sense of urgency. Without a timeline indicated on your call to action, your prospective client might keep putting off the purchase or query until it’s too late. Examples of urgency include “call in the next 20 minutes to receive…” or “space is limited, reserve your spot today.”

5-Reducing anxiety

This goes hand in hand with clarity: one clear message will make your visitor’s decision easy. If your display ad was about blue widgets, for example, don’t include any other offer other than blue widgets. Clouding the message and bundling offers could induce anxiety and prevent conversion.

6-Reducing distractions

Your landing page should include the following and nothing more: a striking headline, clear and concise copy, a strong call to action, a relevant video, a happy customer’s testimonial and your company’s sworn guarantee. Any additional links, graphics and subheads could muddy your message and drive visitors to other directives.

Utilizing these six tactics could increase conversion rates between 10% to 277%. Running an A/B Test or Multivariate test can illustrate the effectiveness of these tools. Watch our webinar to find out which test works best for you.

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