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Tips for Improving Your Display and Paid Search Ads

If you’re a business on the web there’s a chance you are using Google Ads and Bing Ads. Not only do these tools allow businesses to control budget, but these tools also come with internal analytics tools and management systems. With all this in mind, how should you maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaign? Here are LSC Digital’s top tips for improving your display and paid search ads.

Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Your Paid Search Ads

This tool takes minimal effort and can increase clickthrough rate instantly. Dynamic Keyword Insertion allows you to add code to your ad so it will appear including a number a keywords. If your business sells chocolate, for example, you can add this code so a search for “dark chocolate” results in your search ad appearing in the results. LSC Digital’s Vice President of Digital Marketing, David Clemen, talked about dynamic keyword insertion in the last webinar series.

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Use a Variety of Ad Creative for the same Display Ad Campaign

Ad blindness and ad fatigue happen when people glaze over the same ad every time it appears. This happens when the same thing appears too frequently without getting any attention. To avoid this, change up your ad creative with different images, color schemes and value propositions. This attracts clicks and conversions for different aspects of your product.

Prioritize the Best Performing Devices

Remember those internal analytics tools? These tools can provide insights about where most of your clicks and conversions are happening. This means it will tell you if your ad performs best on mobile or desktops or tablets. If mobile engagement is thriving, focus your efforts there. Make your content, landing pages and search ads mobile friendly and place higher bids on mobile placements.

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