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Top 3 Recommendations to Improve Your Content for SEO

Google dominates today’s search engine landscape, occupying nearly 95% of the overall landscape. This means it’s important to understand Google’s ranking system. Three main categories possess the hundreds of other ranking factors: links, content and RankBrain. Content has changed from a simple keyword-based, keyword-rich formula to something more in-depth and user friendly. Content is now ranked by quality, not quantity. LSC Digital’s David Clemen discussed the components of high-quality content in the webinar “The SEO Recommendations that Matter the Most.” Here are three easily integrated suggestions for improving the quality of your web content.

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Keep It Current

Updating content is equally as important as creating new content. Updating content requires updating information and making sure any external links are not expired. For example, we will have to update this article when marketers analyze the search engine landscape again.

Include Multiple Media Components

Here at LSC Digital, we love providing you with in-depth content. Readers will notice that after each webinar we release an article summarizing the webinar, a recording of the whole session linked to that article and a downloadable version of the presentation. Google recognizes that the page is rich in multiple forms of content and considers this in-depth. It also improves the user experience, making it easy for someone to either read or watch the presentation.

Research Your Keywords

While the days of loading up content with keywords are over, keywords are still important. Keyword research will allow you to use the best terms to rank higher. It’s no longer necessary to load up websites with keywords. Now, Google knows when content flows organically instead of planned for SEO. At the end of the day, make sure your user experience is positive. Write your content for your readers, not for Google.

These suggestions will boost your ranking, and show Google that your website is reputable. For more SEO recommendations, check out “The SEO Recommendations that Matter the Most.” Subscribe to LSC Digital’s YouTube channel for more digital marketing tips.

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