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Using Google Ads to Avoid Ad Blindness

Using Google Ads’ display ad services effectively helps businesses promote products or raise awareness. Their ads show across Google’s vast display network, targeting audiences that advertisers outline. However, ad blindness can effect even the best brands when the same creative circulates without engagement.

What is Ad Blindness?

Ad blindness occurs when visitors subconsciously start ignoring ads. Overserving and re-using ads cause this phenomenon, and it can be a rough cycle to break. How do advertisers identify ad blindness? Ad blindness, or ad fatigue, happens when frequency gets too high and response is too low. A “set it and forget it” mentality, while appealing when Google Ads can do the bulk of the work, can hurt your campaign.

Change Ad Imagery

If your campaign stagnates, use different images. Test the success of your old campaign with one using a new image. Try a GIF in the creative to keep your target audience engaged. If your ads have been the same for a while, a fresh image will pique new interest. In the webinar “Test for Success,” see how you can improve your imagery.

Bid Based on Devices

In addition to other factors, Google Ads uses bidding to indicate where ads are served. If you see that your ads perform better on desktops than they do on mobile, adjust your bid so that your ads appear more frequently for desktop users. After testing, go to your campaign or ad group, go to the “device bid adjustment” settings and use the percentages to indicate where you would like Google Ads to focus bids. Finally, make sure your mobile ads and desktop ads are formatted correctly.

Highlight Different Values

If your display ad highlights your company’s file sharing feature, but is not getting clickthroughs, try highlighting a different feature. Value proposition should entice readers by appealing to needs. Does your company offer something unique? Is there a new feature? Test different values to see which resonates with more people.

Overall, testing helps businesses avoid ad blindness. Run tests using ad groups in Google Ads and stick with what works. After that, plan for another test down the road.

Looking for more display ad tips? Check out our webinar series on YouTube.

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