What is Structured Data and Why is it Important?

What is Structured Data and Why is it Important?

July 11, 2019 Insights Paid Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization 2

Vice President of Digital Marketing, David Clemen, briefly discussed structured data and schema in “The SEO Recommendations that Matter the Most,” but what is it and why is it important? Structured data is code written in a specific order and format so the search engine can read it. Basically, it identifies the most important parts of a website and content. Google and other search engines use structured data to identify which part should be displayed as preview text in the search results.

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Rich Snippets

Rich snippets preview important text in search results. Recipes are possibly the most current example of rich snippets. The search result previews measurements and ingredients while the website displays a backstory first.

Google’s structured data guidelines outline the dos and don’ts to avoid misleading rich snippets, irrelevant content or illegal activity. Google also monitors results to prevent any illicit or misleading materials from appearing in search results.


So how do marketers use structured data? Marketers can identify the vocabulary used to markup web pages using schema.org. All major search engines support schema. Developers and web-savvy individuals may easily apply schema to a custom website while Wordpress.com provides pre-made website templates that build structured data into the code. Search engines will be able to read pages easier and find the best information to display in rich snippets. As a result, a rich snippet can perform well enough to not warrant a click at all.

While this won’t rank your site higher on Google, it will improve your clickthrough rate when paired with high-quality content, fresh content and appropriate keyword research.

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