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What is Voice Search? Is My Site Ready for that SEO Shift?

The internet provided the world at our fingertips. With touch screens, that statement became literal as search engines like Google rose to dominate the technology industry. But the future will bring the world to our voice command as voice recognition and voice-activated digital assistants become commonplace in offices and houses. According to a Forbes article from 2018, voice search was due to dominate SEO in 2019.

What Is It?

In fact, voice command has been around for a while. If you’ve used speech-to-text features, you’re already familiar. Personal assistants, like Amazon Alexa, uses voice commands to scour external sites for answers and products. When you ask Alexa to play a song, it searches through Spotify and Amazon music to satisfy your individual query. That’s voice search in action.

According to a guide by Backlinko, voice command impacts the length of time users spend searching and how users search. A voice query might sound conversational, like a user is just asking a friend what the weather is like. People are also using voice search in more public places thanks to LTE accessibility, though in-home use is still most common.

Popular Searches

What are people searching for? Music, information and local information are the most searched topics. Music commands tell the device to search for that song on an associated account, whether that’s Spotify, Apple music and/or Amazon music. Information can be anything from news to weather. Local information encompasses local businesses and restaurants. People are also making online purchases, presenting an opportunity for e-commerce sites.

Voice and SEO

In 2019, 72% of people have engaged in voice search. Voice search’s accessibility and ease positively impacts the user experience and thus, has an impact on SEO. However, traditional SEO and voice search SEO adhere to different rules. While some overlap occurs, voice search SEO relies on colloquial speech and local content. Quick loading websites and featured snippets improve SEO ranking for both traditional web search and voice search. Of course, the tried and true SEO recommendations also apply to this new frontier.

Google is gearing up for the shift towards voice initiated searches. Watch this clip to see how Google’s AI acquisitions prepare them for the future of SEO.

Author : Marcella Micillo

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