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Why You Should Use Performance Insights in Acoustic

Sometimes single mailing and multiple mailing reports don’t give you everything you need. Enter Performance Insights!

Performance insights is a tool that provides more in depth analyses to contact data based on audiences. This tool works to see how audiences that you outline interact with mailings. Audiences are like queries. Just like queries, outline criteria for your audience using data in the database like location. Using your audiences, Performance Insights will show how your marketing efforts performed within a specific group of people.

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What Are Performance Insights?

Performance Insights is an analytic tool that consolidates your data. The consolidated data will appear in the dashboard organized by audience. The audience you outline and your KPIs will determine the data. For example, if your audience is organized by region and your KPI is open rate, the graphs will show each region’s open rate compared to each other.

How to Set Up Performance Insights

First, create your audience. Like queries, audiences are outlined using criteria in the database. As mentioned, we split our database by region.

Next, find pre-determined reports that will generate including quarterly reports in the Performance Insights tab. In the My Reports tab, you can also add your own reports based on mailings or campaigns you conducted. You can create reports based on mailing names, date ranges and audience information.

The dashboard is dynamic due to filters that you can change in the dashboard. For example, clicking on your audience in the key will include or exclude that audience in the chart. As a result, you can customize the data to your needs.

How to Read Your Insights

So you outlined which audiences you want to look at and which KPI you’re assessing, now it’s time to graph it. Just like the dashboard, you can customize how you want to read your reports. There are bar charts, line graphs and tables and you can add or remove each chart as you see fit.

What to Do with this Information

Information in the Performance Insights tab can show marketers how mailings perform for various groups of people. Through our analysis, we discovered that our contacts in the mid-west/Central Time Zone region interacted most with our mailings via clicks, our KPI. Once you identify which audience you want to hone in on, you can tailor your mailings to that group or even isolate that group for more specific marketing.

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