Online Marketing Services

At LSC Digital, our mission is to help shape each client’s digital transformation. Through our strong partnerships and thought leadership, we can offer access to the most precise analytical tools, to dynamic campaign management tools and to the most accurate data products in the industry.

We are very active in the industry, have been recognized as IBM’s Digital Agency of the Year, and we offer our client-partners insight into ongoing trends and how to best implement the newest technologies.

Data and data management sits at the core of what we do and by continuously leveraging new technologies and building a highly dedicated and experienced team it has allowed us to provide leading edge services to successfully support both B2B AND B2C marketers on their offline and online needs.

What We Do:

Consulting: Let us help you decide your next move.

Email Marketing: We are an award winning agency for email design, deployment, and list management.

Social Media: Whether building your organic presence or through paid advertising, let us help you have meaningful interaction with your core audience.

Paid Advertising: With decades of experience managing targeted online adverting campaigns for both small business and Fortune 500 companies, LSC Digital can help you maximize your ROI.

Search Engine Optimization: Over 95% of all searches that are done everyday are on Google. Our team prides itself on staying current on current trends and algorithm updates to ensure our clients drive highly targeted traffic from search results.

Creative Services: Our suite of creative services allows you to tap into our talented integrated marketing services team and bring your big ideas to life. Whether your goal it to connect with customers through a custom social campaign or to engage them by leveraging our direct channels, we are here to help.

Video: It’s been said that video is king of the content world. Users are more likely to engage with video than any other form of digital content. This suite of videos includes a solution for each of your objectives. Is your goal to feature a key product? A how-to video is the way to go. Want to take customers and prospects on an interactive adventure? Our virtual field trip will do the trick.

Data Services: Better understand your customers and coordinate relevant one-to-one customer journeys – across every marketing channel.